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Originating in 2000 when 45 representatives of 45 countries signed the statutes of the WIN Worldwide Independent Network Association, WIN is an exclusive network that offers their members exclusivity in the concerned country or market. The network comprises of 81 independent forwarding and logistics companies from all continents that are fully committed to freight management and the provision of worldwide total supply chain solutions.
From air freight forwarding to 3PL Logistics, WIN gives you tailor-made transportation solutions, with extensive trucking services that allow you to transport your product to any remote location at any time. WIN maintains high standards of membership, with each member usually representing a country, and hence expecting and setting an unbeatable bar of quality for all their members. WIN is a democratic network owned by the members of WIN. WIN offers high-quality logistics solutions through our worldwide network while adhering to our customers’ local requirements.

WIN promotes and develops business opportunities in the global freight forwarding industry to the mutual benefit of their customers and members, and protect their mutual interests.

All members are actively involved in all developmental endeavors and take decisions through a democratic process and an ongoing open dialogue are maintained among all members.

WIN has more than 9850 forwarding and logistics specialists in 375 offices located in 76 countries, across all the continents, and fulfill all your shipping needs.

Airfreight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding, courier service, logistics/3PL logistics, multimodal forwarding, rail freight forwarding, sea air combined forwarding, tailor-made transportation and trucking services are WIN’s worldwide total supply chain solutions. Door to door express services for your sensitive international shipments, high-performance rail services, flexible and reliable air transportation, tailored to your needs are WIN’s features and promises.

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